Heating sistem

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Wall mounted gas boiler with a two-circuit the high-speed preparation of hot water.
Structurally electric boiler "Terme" class "economy" consists of an outer shell with a removable front cover, steel coil, an external pump, pressure sensor, high limit alarm with manual reset and the control panel.
Structurally electric boiler "Termiya" consists of an outer shell with a removable front cover, steel heat exchanger, circulation pump, coolant flow sensor, controller and control panel.
10 sections. Maximum coolant temperature 170 ° C
10 sections. Maximum coolant temperature 170 ° C.
Straight, white, not chrome. Width 500 mm, height 1000 mm, 455mm axle. The volume of 5.4 liters. Thermal power 558 watts.
KOSPEL boiler has a number of advantages in efficiency, safety, design, full automation and modern design. Electric heating is the best option, because it is convenient to use and is inexpensive compared to all other types of heating.
Steel panel radiators OCEAN - an ideal concept of a water channel profile at 25mm, strong welding and high thermal conductivity. Have a wide range of sizes height 300, 400, 500, 600, 900 mm, and length of 400 to 2500 mm, Type 11,22,33.,22,33.
Bimetal radiator can withstand pressures up to 16 bar., And tests are conducted at rates 30-34 bar. This allows you to use them in different heating systems.
Made the method of casting under constraint from a high-quality aluminium alloy. Welding of radiator is carried out through a point alloy which a radiator is made from, that allows to avoid point corrosion in the places of welding.