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Efficient insulation Super Foam, made ​​from polyurethane foam nizkoteploprovodnogo, can significantly reduce power consumption. Options "all inclusive", the cord with the plug, safety valve, wall mounting brackets. Certified in Ukraine!
Firm DRAZICE heaters produces the volume of the tank 20, 50, 80, 100, 125, 160, 180, 200 liters. DRAZICE heaters are available in horizontal and vertical versions: electric, combined, as well as stationary indirect water (heat exchanger) with a heating capacity of 100, 125, 160, 200 liters
Vol 15, 30, 50, 80,100 liters. Most water heaters are often made ​​on a tank of 100 liters, but there are water heaters with large (up to 200 l.) And smaller (up to 10 liters.) Tanks. Time depends on the availability of water volume of the tank and the heater power of the heating elements.
Made of high quality cold-rolled steel. Protection against over-pressure inside the tank relief valve is used. Two automatic safety devices - monitors the temperature level of the first water tank, and the second prevent overheating.