‐ Install sewer household WCLift (TM Sprut)
Install sewer household WCLift designed for pumping waste water from toilets, kitchens, washing machines, showers, in cases when the water can be drained by gravity is not in the sewer (from the basement or at a remote location sewage collector).
‐ New product pumps GARDEN TM "Pumps Plus Equipment"
Garden pumps used for watering of gardens, drip irrigation systems and increase the pressure for various purposes.
‐ Development of control cabinets pumps
Our company made individual custom control cabinets pumps. Application control cabinets saves energy up to 50%, increases several times lifetime pump maintains a constant pressure in the pipeline, free from control pumping equipment manually.
‐ Confirmed
Radiators Ocean: aluminum, steel, bimetal buy wholesale in Odessa
‐ August 11 - Day of the builder!
Dear clients and partners! Please accept our most sincere congratulations on your professional holiday - Day of the builder!
‐ Yuki conditioners are on sale now!
Available models: YUK 07 HA41EP (390 cbm / h - from 18 to 24 square meters; koeff.EER = 3.21) YUK 09 HA41EP (460 cbm / h - from 25 to 30 square meters; koeff.EER = 3.21) YUK 12 HA41EP (540 cbm / h - from 31 to 39 square meters; koeff.EER = 3.21)